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About The Mikey Slice Brand

Creation Story:

The very first YouTube video was created because I saw a need for a Skillz promo code that was not yet fulfilled by YouTube at the time. I shot my first YouTube video from my bedroom in my parents’ house, located in Detroit, Michigan.


I believe that anyone can make money playing Skillz games. I help people do just that, by giving them access to my free events to win real cash prizes. I host up to $300 in prize pools every month through many different Skillz games.

The Language:

In order to belong to my community, it’s important that you learn the language. We play Skillz games. Skillz is a company that created a platform to allow players of a game to play against each other for money. Skillz was created to give game developers a new way to monetize their mobile games. This new way increases their ARPDAU, average revenue per daily active user, by more than 8x the industry norm. Most game developers rely on traditional ads, and micro transactions to monetize their games.

I refer to each subscriber as eLeet. An eLeet is an eSports athlete. An eLeet is someone who makes money playing video games. Since Skillz was created to make game developers, and themselves, more money it requires a lot of skill to profit from their games. One way eLeets make money is through match codes.

Match codes are the codes that are used, that are specific to a Skillz game, to enter free events for a chance to win real money. Match codes are often abbreviated to MC. People ask for codes by abbreviating the game as well. These codes are posted in videos on the Mikey Slice YouTube channel. Once people find out these codes, they share them in the Skillz chat on games like Cube Cube. When people ask for a CC MC an eLeet will give the code to that person, so they too can play for free to win real money.

The Leader:

I, Mikey Slice, am the leader. My real name is Michael Kimble, but I go by Mikey Slice because it’s easier for people to spell, and pronounce. I also love pizza, and could eat it for every meal. I worked at Jet’s Pizza for 5 years where I practically did eat pizza for every meal. I’m also a huge fan of the HBO TV show Dexter, and his boat was named “Slice of Life.” Which made me decide between Mikey Slice, and Slice of Mike. I went with Mikey Slice, because I prefer to be called Mikey since there’s so many Mikes in this world, I need a unique nickname so that I don’t turn my head every time I hear someone say Mike. I currently work full time at MGM Grand Detroit.

I’m married to my beautiful wife Viktoriya, and we have a white Shih Tzu named Olaf. We got married in December 2018, and now live in our own condo. I make YouTube videos in my spare time, and create match codes for my community.

The Icons:

The Mikey Slice brand has many icons. Some examples are my face, my websites, and my YouTube channel.


There are a series of events that lead you to the Mikey Slice brand. For many it involves logging into YouTube, searching for Skillz match codes or strategies, watching one of my videos, downloading a Skillz game, signing into that Skillz game for the first time, entering the match code from the video, playing in the events, winning, and then waiting for the next event to start.


The Mikey Slice brand isn’t for everyone. Those people are the ones who like to play mobile games with no financial return on their investment. People who play mobile games that are filled with micro transactions and advertising. People who don’t like to take risks may also not like my brand. People who don’t believe in themselves and won’t put their money where their mouth is may not like my brand. However, this is okay, because if you don’t have any haters you’re not doing something right!

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