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The Real Mikey Slice

I figure if you’re not working toward something, you’re not working for anything.

What makes my stream stand out from the others?
I’m real. I’m fun. So that makes me real fun right? I’d like to think so.
I don’t sugar coat things though. I tell it how it is, and I know how to troll the trolls. That’s something to watch, especially live!

I also enjoy crafting various tutorials, such as my latest Custom Stinger Transitions Tutorial.

Skillz Games

Bubble Shooter Tournaments, Strike! Real Money Bowling and Cube Cube. What do they have in comon?

They all could potentially make you some nice cash, if you play your cards right.

If you're not winning big, don't despair. Mikey Slice will teach you how it's done with his special Skillz Lessons!


The king of skill games, no doubt about it.

Mikey Slice is very competitive but also loves helping newer players learn and take their game to the next level.

Check out Episode 1 of Learn Chess with MikeySlice exclusive series!


When he is not streaming chess, making how-to videos or teaching, Mikey Slice is keeping busy playing other competitive games.

Hearthstone is always a popular choice and Mikey Slice is pretty serious about mana efficiency!

Get a taste of it by watching one of his past broadcasts on Twitch.tv/MikeySlice.

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