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    How To Win Bubble Shooter Live Cash Games | Tutorial

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    Sick of losing by 10 times what you’ve scored in Skillz most popular game Bubble Shooter! Tournaments? You’re not alone. With this game gaining more and more players every day it’s no wonder why it’s users are scoring over 100,000 on almost every game they play. It’s really not that hard, once you get the hang of it. Getting over 300,000 is when you’ve finally got the Skillz to pay the bills. If you’ve never scored anywhere near 100,000 there’s a few things you’re doing wrong, and I’m going to tell you exactly what they are.

    The Basics

    I’m going to go over, in detail, what you need to do in order to score BIG in every Bubble Shooter game you play. First I have to go over the basics with you. Each game you’ll be given a board with a bunch of different colored bubbles. You’re given a bubble that you’re shooting and the next bubble. The objective is to connect 3 or more bubbles of the same color to make them pop. If you miss too many times they add another row of bubbles to the board, which can get really annoying. Once you clear a color it never shows up for the rest of the game, woohoo! If you clear the board before 2 seconds are left on the clock your score DOUBLES.

    The Board

    Each games starts the same, you’ll have 8 rows of 11 bubbles, containing 6 different colored bubbles. You have 6 misses before the board shifts down with one row of 11 randomly colored bubbles, then 4 misses, then only 2 misses before the board drops another row. At the bottom left of the screen is an indicator of how many bubbles you can miss until more bubbles come down. Every time you miss a shot a bubble will disappear from the darkened circles on the bottom left of the screen. It goes 5, 3, 1, then repeats back to 5. When there’s 5, you can miss 5 shots, the sixth shot will cause the board to drop down more bubbles.


    Every time you shoot you’ll have the color you’re shooting, obviously, and the next color bubble right behind it. So it’s good to plan your shots before you shoot. There are six different colored bubbles. So make sure that when you’re planning your shot to make room for the next bubble to do something.

    It’s very important to know how many colors you have left on the board. This is important for 2 reasons. Once you’ve gotten rid of one color it will not come back for the rest of the game. Also, when the board shifts down, it will bring 1 row PLUS however many colors you’ve cleared down. So if you’ve cleared all of the light blue bubbles before the board has came down, when you miss your last shot you’ll have 2 rows come down instead of one.

    When the board comes down, each row will also “shift” from left to right, or right to left, depending on it’s board position. If there’s a bubble touching the left edge of the board, that row will shift to the right. The row below that one will shift to the left. Sometimes it wont shift your bubbles at all because there’s an even amount of rows coming down.

    Points and Combos

    When you shoot a bubble into a group of 2 or more of the same color you’ll get points. You get 10 points for each of the first 3 bubbles, then 10 extra for each bubble popped after that one. So if you pop a chain of 10 bubbles then you’ll get 10 for the first 3 equaling 30, then twenty for the 4th bubble, thirty for the 5th, forty for the 6th, fifty for the 7th, sixty for the 8th, seventy for the 9th, and eighty for the 10th for a total of 380 points.


    The objective in this game is to get down to 2 colors and keep 2 colors for as long as you can until you clear the board and get your score doubled. There’s room for 15 rows of bubbles. Every time the board comes down it will bring 5 rows down, if you only have 2 colors remaining. Get as many bubbles on the board without going over 15 rows and then shoot and repeat this process until there’s 30 or less left on the clock. Then try to get down to 1 color. Then miss until it drops 6 rows of the same color. If you shoot your last shot at a single color before 10 seconds are left your score will double. Make sure you shoot toward the center and hit 2 bubbles with yours or else they will pop slower.

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