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    How to Stream on Twitch

    Want to learn how to stream on Twitch? Watch this in depth video on how to stream on Twitch. I’ve included the words that are spoken in the video below so you can follow along. Or turn closed captions on. Whatever works best for you.

    Hello and welcome to your first step towards doing your very first live stream on YouTube. Very important piece of software you’re going to need is this right here! I’ll leave a link to this in the description below. Open Broadcaster Software is a FREE program. You’re going to select your operating system. You are going to check your system by starting typing in system over here, opening it and seeing if you’re 32 bit or 64. Download the appropriate one. I have 64 bit so I downloaded and installed 64 bit.

    Once you have it downloaded and installed you’re going to open it. Once you open it. It’s going to look like this. It’s actually going to be blank here blank here and it’s probably going to be white. We’re going to add a new scene here. So this is going to be empty. Actually here hold on. Let me add a Display capture. Okay so center monitor full. These are both going to be empty. What I did there was I hit add and then display capture, add existing. Center monitor full. So I have a bunch of scenes and sources. You’ll do the same thing, but you want to keep this as organized as possible. Name things appropriately because it can get real unorganized really quick.

    We’re going to open up the settings tab here. Go to general. Select your language. Select your theme. I would go with dark because it’s easier on the eyes. Stream service switch this to YouTube. Server, primary. Stream key. How do you get the stream key? Glad you asked. Go to YouTube. Click on your little character. Don’t click that button that I just clicked. Go to creator studio. Click on live streaming. Scroll hit reveal. Don’t reveal this to anybody. This is more important than your social security number. Not really but you get where I’m going. Copy it. Select it. After you hit reveal copy it. Go back to your OBS paste it in here. Hit apply. Then you’re going to go to output. You’re going to switch this from simple to Advanced. Because you’re an advanced person I believe in you. You’re going to switch this to x264 if your CPU is good. If your CPU is not very good you’re gonna switch to have it go through your graphics card. You’re going to check the enforce streaming service encoder settings. You’re gonna uncheck rescale output if it’s already checked. If your monitor is 1920 by 1080 you want your output to be at 1920 by 1080. Rate control. Make sure that’s at CBR, controlled bitrate, you’re going to want to go anywhere between 2500 and 3500. You might get away with 6000 I don’t know. You want to play around with it. It’s dependent on a lot of factors. How good your PC is and how good your internet is. Key frame interval 2. CPU preset. I have mine set at veryfast. If your CPU sucks go to ultrafast. If your CPU is the best in the world maybe go to placebo. I don’t know. Profile go to main. Tune I wouldn’t mess with that. x264 options definitely don’t mess with this. Unless you know what you’re doing. If you know what you’re doing you’re probably not watching this video. So I would highly recommend not typing anything in there. Then you’re going to hit apply.

    Click on Audio on here. Make sure that the audio bitrates are set to 192 for your audio tracks. I’ll go more into that in a future video maybe. But for track number 1 go with 192. Then you’re going to want to go to audio. 48 khz. Stereo. Setup your audio devices and your mics. Hit apply and then go to video. I would have your base resolution and your output resolution set to the same thing. And then your downscale filter set to bilinear. If they’re different. If you need to downscale it to 720 because your computer can’t stream at 1080 then do your downscale filter to bicubic. FPS values set that to 60. If you have a 60 hz monitor. You want to basically have this setup to the same as your monitor. Because you don’t really want to do any unnecessary scaling if you don’t have to. Then you’re going to hit apply.

    Then in the advanced I have this set to high. Most people have this set to normal. I’m not normal so I go to high. I want OBS to run as best as it possibly can and provide the best video for my end users. Video I have messed with those settings a bit. Pause the video. Do whatever you need to do. Then hit okay.

    Then make sure that your microphone is picking up noise. Maybe play something in the background. Make sure that your desktop audio is getting picked up. Once those 2 things are working well. You’re going to hit add over here. Game capture. You’re going to create a new one. Call it whatever you’re going to call it. I have Hearthstone. We’ll setup a new one for the sake of. HS capture. Then you just have it set to any fullscreen application or you can have it set to specific window. We’ll just do it for any full screen application. Then hit okay. Then we’ll launch Hearthstone so you can get an idea of what it looks like. (The Taverns always open Hearthstone guy) So you can see. There I am! We’re gonna ex out of this because it’s just distracting. So what I just did right there was. We’ll remove it and add it again. Add, video capture device. And then I have a C922 so we’ll just pop it up here. But when you hit add it’s going to pop this up. For the new device select your webcam. Then configure it however I have it configured maybe. If you have a C922 copy these. If not then go with your recommended settings. YouTube those.

    The reason I haven’t been in this video is because wherever I put myself I might be hiding some good information. So I don’t want to cheat your guys out of anything. You want to make sure that you come to this link that’s also going to be in the description and check what bitrate you’re supposed to be streaming at for the resolution you want to be streaming at. So if you’re streaming at 720p go for 1500 to 4000 kbps. If you want to stream at 1080p at 60 frames per second you gotta go from 4500 to 9000 kbps. Whatever you do come down to this thing. This will give you other settings you want to have it set to. Do a speed test. This is also going to be in the description. Speed test to see how good your internet is. So I’m at 12 mbps which is 12,000 kbps. So I can stream at 6,000 kbps no problem. That’s it. That’s how you stream on YouTube. Once you hit start streaming it’s going to take you. This little thing is going to go to online and you’ll see yourself streaming. Make sure you edit all of these before you go live. Schedule it for like a half hour in advance so your subscribers get notified that you’re going live. Then setup the category. What game you’re playing. Or whatever you’re doing. Go to stream options. Low latency is what I have this set to. Cards. Setup some cards. To playlists. To videos. To playlists. Then here’s your chat over here. Interact with them. They’ll interact with you. Then make sure you answer them and acknowledge them and they’ll keep interacting with you. The YouTube algorithm loves that. Change your thumbnail here. That’s pretty much everything.

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    Disclaimer: Some links in my descriptions are affiliate links where I do get a commission if you buy something. There’s no markup. It’s the same price whether you go there yourself or use my link. This helps me provide free content on YouTube.


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