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    Looking for a Solitaire Cube match code? If yes, then you have come to the right page! Solitaire Cube is a classic card game that I’m sure you have played before. It lets you win a lot of prizes. As well as real money. Easily install it to your mobile. Enter the Skillz’ Solitaire Cube match code, & start playing.

    Solitaire Cube – Win Money by Playing this Simple Card Game

    Are you looking for some of the coolest and easiest ways to win money by playing a game? You can easily install Skillz’ Solitaire Cube, on your mobile phone. After that just create a FREE account! Once done, you are ready to win real money.

    Sound exciting? Well, it is. This great mobile game not only comes with fun game play, but also it allows you to win money. They match you with people who are equal skill. So, you don’t have to worry about losing to the pros on your first few matches. Keep reading and see how to enter a tournament (for free) with a $35 prize pool.

    To Enter This Free Tournament – Just Use Skillz’ Solitaire Cube Match Code

    Above, you learned about Solitaire Cube. A simple yet fun mobile game lets its players win real money. Sound fun to spend your free time playing this mobile game and earn real money (in return)? A lot of players from all over the world have played this game and won money. So, why don’t you?

    The best part is that — Skillz is offering a match code for a free entry into a $35 prize pool tournament. The higher your score means more money. Let’s quickly show how to get your entry into this FREE tournament.

    January 2019 $35 prize pool (FREE ENTRY) - JANKLONDIKE19

    February 2019 $35 prize pool (FREE ENTRY) - FEBKLONDIKE19

    Three Steps to Win Free Money by Playing the Solitaire Cube Game:

    1. Install Solitaire Cube for FREE: The first step is to install this game on your mobile device. Please note, “Solitaire Cube” is ready to be installed from the iOS app store. The game is 100% free to install. You don’t need to spend a single penny to install this game. But, to enter the (invite only) tournament you should install the game through the link below and enter the match code to play. (JANKLONDIKE19).\ Free download Solitaire Cube for iOS;         Free download Solitaire Cube for Android;
    2. Sign Up and enter Skillz’ Solitaire Cube Match Code: Once you have installed the game on your mobile, you can finish the sign-up process. The sign-up process is quick and easy. After that, press the “Play” tab, find “ENTER MATCH CODE.” Then enter JANKLONDIKE19. When done, you can start your first cash match (for free). And, win the free money in the prize pool. Beat all the players to win the #1 prize.
    3. Use your winnings to enter other head to head matches or tournaments!

    In the tournaments, you will play against players from all over the world. If you win, you will win prizes and real money. The amount of money that you win (by playing tournaments) can be taken out. OR, you can use the money to play other games to make even more money!

    Joining the “Tournaments” and “Head to Head” games need cash. Now Skillz offers two tricks for you to get free bonus cash. With that cash you can win real money!

    Two Ways to Get FREE Bonus Cash

    #1 Share with your friends.

    Start telling your friends to join the games! You can share a link to your friends by Message, Email, or Twitter. When your friends get the app and make a deposit with your code, you will get a free $10 bonus cash in your account. Then, use the bonus cash to win real money by playing other players.

    #2 Deposit

    If you are ready to join high-level tournaments and want to earn more money by playing Solitaire Cube, I advise you deposit $30 to get a free $30 bonus cash. That’s a 100% match! Tap on the “Store” tab and choose the deposit amount. When the payment is processed, you will get another $30 in your account when you deposit $30. If you use promo code 2f05j you’ll get $10 on top of that, for a total of $70 from your $30 deposit.

    Know More About Skillz’ Solitaire Cube – Epic Chance to Win Money by Playing a Game

    Note, Solitaire Cube mobile game is nothing but a card game that features a deep strategy. You can play this game for pure fun. For example, you can play this game in practice rounds. In practice rounds, you will see and learn more about the game play. Just like the cash games, Skillz matches you with people that have the similar level of skill/ability. But, there’s ads. Play for cash for an ad free experience.

    The practice mode is free to play. Win 10 practice matches and you’ll get $2 bonus cash. Which can be used to enter real cash games. You can take out money without making a deposit. I made $200 before I made my first deposit. You can too!

    Looking for More Skillz Match Codes?

    Get the Cube Cube match codes for January and February 2019 here. Find out how to setup your own Skillz Live Tournament with your own match code here.

    High Stakes Solitaire Cube video

    Now, Let’s started!

    Free to download – Download it now!

    Win money by playing tournaments

    Either play for fun or play for winning money

    Do not forget to use Skillz’ Solitaire Cube match code – JANKLONDIKE19

    What are you waiting for? Download the game now and start playing it

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