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    Skillz Promo Code

    I welcome you all on my website Skillz Promo Codez. Here you can get the promo codes for your Skillz account. You will be amazed to know that Skillz Promo Code 2f05j can help you get $10 bonus on your first deposit. Moreover, it will also raise your ranking on Google for Skillz Promo Code.

    The best thing about the Skillz Promo Code 2f05j is that the players can use it on any game which is incorporated with Skillz multiplayer platform. Isn’t it great?

    How to Enter the Skillz Promo Code 2f05j?

    Players must follow the right steps to enter the Skillz Promo Code 2f05j otherwise they will not get $10 cash bonus. First of all you have to click on the button of ‘Enter Promo Code’ and then enter the complete code i.e. skillz promo code 2f05j. After that, you have to choose your deposit amount to proceed further. By following these steps, you will get $10 extra cash on your first deposit.

    How to Use Your Bonus Cash?

    In each of your games, you can use both real and bonus cash i.e. 10% bonus cash and 90% real cash. You can also use 100% bonus cash if you don’t possess any real cash. Let’s suppose you enter into a $20 game which requires an entry fee of $12. You will have to submit $1.20 bonus cash and $10.80 real cash for this game. On winning the game, you will get $1.20 bonus cash and $18.80 real cash. You can easily withdraw your earned money. It takes about four to six weeks to receive withdraws. You have to pay a $1.50 processing fee if your withdraw amount is less than $10.

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    My Career Winnings

    I, Mikey Slice, have been a regular user of Skillz multiplayer platform since 2015. I joined this gaming platform on January, 2015. Since then, I’ve made more than $20,000 by playing Skillz games. I had a wonderful experience with Skillz and I will continue using this multiplayer platform.

    About Skillz

    Skillz Inc. is the world’s leading mobile e-sports platform that connects 2.6 billion gamers through online competition. It is one of the most successful private company in U.S.A. In 2017, Inc. Magazine ranked Skillz as the No.1 fastest growing company in America on its Inc. 5000 list. Over 12 million players use this platform to participate in their online competitions. Players can also earn money by playing online video games. You will be astonished to know that Skillz players have earned more than $155,000,000 in e-sports prizes.

    So what are you waiting for gamers? Create your Skillz accounts and enjoy playing games on the best gaming platform.

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