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    Grandmaster Eugene Perelshteyn teaches grasshopper, MikeySlice. This was recorded live on Twitch, then edited to perfection just for you to watch on YouTube. Eugene shares his grandmaster Chess ideas during my gameplay while I’m trying to check mate my opponent.

    Chess game play from Twitch streamer, MikeySlice, played on Chess.com while streaming live on Twitch. Inspired by Kingscrusher, I play many chess games in front of my viewers. Join me as I learn chess. From chess openings, to chess endgames. It’s all here! I’m getting better too since I like to do chess tactics in my free time thanks to my unlimited tactics trainer on Chess.com. This is Episode 1 of the official YouTube Series “#Grandmaster Teaches #Chess to Grasshopper

    The Sicilian Defense was not a choice, but rather one of my own “Chess ideas” Chess just comes to me. I make moves I think are good and they turn out being actual opening theory! Join my Chess Club on Chess.com and grow with me at Mikey’s Pizza Party Chess Club

    I started this YouTube channel because I love to help others. My first video was shot from my bedroom in Detroit, Michigan. I’m here to educate, entertain, and inspire others to enhance their skills, and boost their income.

    You’ll know when you stumble upon my content as soon as you see the iconic Mikey Slice logo, or my big outlined face on a thumbnail. When you login to YouTube my channel is the first one, without a doubt, you will click on. I don’t believe in getting paid by the hour. I believe that the better you get at what you do, the more you should get paid. Sounds reasonable, right?

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    Disclaimer: Some links in my descriptions are affiliate links where I do get a commission if you buy something. There’s no markup. It’s the same price whether you go there yourself or use my link. This helps me provide free content on YouTube.


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