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    Cube Cube Pro League Day 1 | Powered by Skillz | Tether Studios

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    It’s me Mikey Slice with another video of me playing another Skillz platform game called Cube Cube. It’s a lot like Tetris, but without the gravity and you can’t flip the shapes.

    In this video I’m playing $20 cash games non stop until I’m in first place in the Pro League which pays out over $4,000 every 3 days!

    You can play for either Z’s or real money. If you choose to play for Z’s, the fake currency by Skillz Inc, you will see advertisements. If you want an ad free experience you will need to play the real money cash tournaments.

    No matter if you’re playing for Z’s or $’s you earn yourself some Skilz Ticketz! Every game that you play on the Skillz platform awards you Ticketz which can later be redeemed for really cool prizes, such as gift cards and flat screen TV’s.

    The more you play the more you earn too. When you first start you earn at a 1x multiplier, but as you play more and more that multiplier goes up to as much as 6x! Even better is that the multiplier stays with you for months if you keep playing.

    If you earned a 3x multiplier for the month of March it carries over until the end of April. If you bring it up to 4x in April it will carry over till May. If you get it up to 6x in May, it will stay until June. The more you play the easier it is to get to the next level with the multipliers!

    Ticketz can be redeemed for all kinds of different prizes. The lowest being a Skillz eSports for everyone sticker and the highest being a Porsche Boxster! So keep on playing and keep on earning those Ticketz because they never expire.

    All you have to do is click the orange “REDEEM” button and confirm your choice and that’s it! It’s that easy. Skillz is a great way to utilize your gaming time since it pays off so much. So what are you waiting for? Get on your phone and go to the Skillz website and download the game that you think you’d like the most and start earning your Ticketz today!

    If you play the practice games you will get some bonus cash after 10 wins which can be used to enter into the real cash tournaments. The bonus cash system works differently than most bonus cash from online casinos.

    Each game you play you will use a portion of both real, and Skillz bonus cash. 90% real cash and 10% bonus. If you don’t have any real cash then you will use 100% of your Skillz bonus cash obviously.

    Let’s say you have $75 and enter into a $10 game for the entry fee of $6. You’re going to put in $5.40 real cash and $.60 Skillz bonus cash towards the match. If you win that game you will receive your $.60 Skillz bonus cash back along with $9.40 real cash which you can use later on to withdraw.

    If you choose to withdraw your $50 with $25 Skillz bonus cash still in your account you will have to forfeit your $25 Skillz bonus cash. So keep playing and turn that $25 into some real cash as well as earn Ticketz towards that Porsche Boxster that everyone dreams of owning!

    It is also worth noting that any withdraw below $10 will be charged a $1.50 processing fee. I’ve withdrawn many times and it does take about 4-6 weeks to receive it as they have to monitor all games played to ensure that there is no cheating before issuing a check.

    Disclaimer: Some links in my descriptions are affiliate links where I do get a commission if you buy something. There’s no markup. It’s the same price whether you go there yourself or use my link. This helps me provide free content on YouTube.


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    Services Used

    👉 Video editing done by http://mikeyslice.com/Video-Editor
    👉 Overlays and grahpic design done by http://mikeyslice.com/overlays
    👉 Stinger transitions done by http://mikeyslice.com/stingers
    👉 Thumbnails created by http://mikeyslice.com/youtube-thumbnails
    👉 Convert your logo to a file for hats at http://mikeyslice.com/logo-to-hat-file
    👉 Stinger intro done by http://mikeyslice.com/stinger-intros

    Equipment Used

    🎤 Microphone – [Blue Yeti]
    🎥 Video Camera – [Logitech c922]
    🎧 Headphones – [Astro a40 TR]
    ✅Green Screen – [Fotodiox Collapsible Background Kit]
    💡 Lighting – [Julius Lighting]
    💺 Chair – [DxRacer Forumula Series]
    📌 Desk – [Atlantic Gaming Desk]
    📺 Monitor 1 – [ASUS 24 Inch 144 hz 1ms]
    📺 Monitor 2 & 3 – [BenQ 24 Inch Gaming Monitor Zowie]
    🖮 Keyboard – [Corsair Strafe Red Backlit Keyboard]
    🐭 Mouse – [Corsair Gaming Mouse]
    🔳Keyboard/Mouse pad – [Glorious PC Gaming Race]