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    $100 Cube Cube Tournament | Platinum Cube

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    It’s me MikeySlice with another video of me playing another Skillz platform game called Cube Cube. It’s a lot like Tetris, but without the gravity and you can’t flip the shapes.

    In this video I’m showing you the VERY FIRST game of Cube Cube in the $100 Platinum Cube Tournament!

    Basically you want to start off on the left and work your way to the right, making sure that the left column stays longer than the right ones. You don’t want to block yourself from being able to clear a row out.

    Each row you clear gives you 100 points. Each piece you place down gives you 10 points per cube in that piece. So if you have a 3×3 piece and place it on a row of 7 you’ll get 90 points for placing the piece and 100 for the row you clear.

    Each row you clear after the first will give you bonus points, and they go higher as you clear more rows. The score goes up as follows

    Great Streak (2) – 250 bonus points

    Super Streak (3) – 400 bonus points

    Mega Streak (4) – 550 bonus points

    Awesome Streak (5) – 700 bonus points

    Monster Streak (6) – 850 bonus points

    Crazy Streak (7)- 1,000 BONUS POINTS!

    I’m not sure what comes after crazy streak because I haven’t gotten that many yet, but I’m sure it’s INSANE! Literally, it probably is. Just saying.

    If you clear 2 rows at the same time you do not get a bonus, just 100 for each row cleared. So you want to try to clear them individually (if you can) don’t screw yourself by trying to clear them individually. It’s more important to make the game last longer than it is to streak out.

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    Equipment Used

    🎤 Microphone – [Blue Yeti]
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    🎧 Headphones – [Astro a40 TR]
    ✅Green Screen – [Fotodiox Collapsible Background Kit]
    💡 Lighting – [Julius Lighting]
    💺 Chair – [DxRacer Forumula Series]
    📌 Desk – [Atlantic Gaming Desk]
    📺 Monitor 1 – [ASUS 24 Inch 144 hz 1ms]
    📺 Monitor 2 & 3 – [BenQ 24 Inch Gaming Monitor Zowie]
    🖮 Keyboard – [Corsair Strafe Red Backlit Keyboard]
    🐭 Mouse – [Corsair Gaming Mouse]
    🔳Keyboard/Mouse pad – [Glorious PC Gaming Race]